Purchase Your Custom Email

Email account must be connected to custom domain name owned by HRI.

localchemdry.com domain could have an email account of info@localchemdry.com. 

keep desired email simple; info@localchemdry.com or support@localchemdry.com 

avoid long or complicated names; i.e. customer.service1@localchemdry.com

You may purchase up to 10 custom email accounts.

$60 yearly fee will be charged for each email address created. 

Payments will be set up and broken down into monthly charges of $5/month with Google .

Please allow 5-7 days to complete the process.

You will be sent an email when your new email account has been set up.

Once email login information has been passed on to the franchise owner, HRI will no longer be responsible for managing account or troubleshooting technical difficulty.

Contact Kristina Bohn with any questions regarding your custom email setup:

Phone: 435-890-1035 Email: Kristina.Bohn@hrisupport.com 

Email Pricing

Purchase a custom Chem-Dry email address through HRI. Improved branding & professionalism.

Email Tips

- Avoid complicated spelling; too many numbers or letters can make it easy to misspell.

- Avoid long names; short addresses are easier to remember & share.

$25 Setup Fee




SEO Pricing

Get found on the Internet more often when prospects search Google, Yahoo or Bing for key search terms related to your business.

$155 Setup Fee



Social Media Pricing

Social Media Account Creation. Regular updates and posts to social accounts. We keep your accounts active with localized content that is specific to your franchise. Account Setup & Maintenance: - Facebook
Setup Fee: $150
Starting at $80/month

Microsite Pricing

After purchasing a domain name through HRI, you can purchase a Microsite complete with 11 templates to choose from.
$100 Setup Fee