Basic Website Editing Tutorials

Welcome. When it comes to customizing your new website, there are three options. You can watch tutorial videos, read and use the step by step written guide, or hire WMS to do this for you. You can view more about these different options below.

Watch Videos  

Step 1 Editing The Home Page

Step 2 Search Engine Optimization

Step 3 Adding Coupons to the Specials Page

Step 4 "Contact" and "Request a Cleaning" Forms

Written Step by Step Guide 

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Hire WMS to Do This For You

If you would rather have WMS optimize your new Advanced Website for you, there are a couple of options.

1. You can have WMS go through the entire website and optimize your site for your main service area.

Basic Site Owners Click Here to Learn More

2. Hire WMS to optimize your website for one area and continue WMS SEO services for ongoing SEO support including optimizing the site for other areas you serve.

Advanced or Basic Site Owners Click Here for Ongoing WMS SEO service Information.

New Site Training

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