WMS Social Media

Social Media Management

Stay in front of your customers and reach new prospects through online social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Harris Research will keep your accounts active with regular posts that will help keep you on the mind of your future clients.

Pick Your Package

Basic $100 // Month

  • Weekly Facebook post
  • Facebook Profile Setup
  • Post boosted in Instagram (not saved on an Instagram feed)
  • $30 a month in targeted advertising on Facebook

Advanced $200 // Month

  • THREE weekly Facebook AND Instagram posts
  • Add name and phone number to text and images of boosted posts
  • Personalized links for campaign landing page
  • Posts for specialized services
  • Advanced profile management
    • Posts 3 times a week
    • Reputation management
  • Website blog promotion
  • Instagram profile creation and customization
    • Customized highlights
    • Monthly specials posted
  • Advanced interest and hobbies targeting
  • Lookalike audience creation (if you have an email list)
  • $60 per month in targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram

Platinum $550 // Month

  • Everything in the Advanced package
  • Weekly Instagram Stories
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Profile set-up AND management
  • $150 a month in post boosts and targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Hashtag and Keyword Research for better targeting
  • Custom Landing Page Creating for better lead conversion
  • Integrated Social Media and Website Campaign Management

Increase Your Chances of Being Seen

With ANY package you can add this booster which ads $30/month in ads. This will give you more impact by helping to broaden your reach to your target audience and potential clients by almost double!

Social Media Details

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Custom cover, profile & background photos. 
  • Creation & Maintenance of Facebook Advertising. 
  • 1+ post/week on Facebook and Instagram 
  • 1 contest per quarter to increase online visibility.

Interactive Content includes:

  • Custom videos, before/after photos, Chem-Dry reviews, Stories w/ photos, etc. 
  • Customer reviews, links to your website, cleaning tips, etc. 

Here's What It Comes Down To

  • We create & manage your social networks to
    • 1) Improve overall search engine rankings
    • 2) Connect with local customers
  • Creation of customized content that is specific to your franchise & service area.
  • Maintenance of Facebook business pages and Instagram to ensure that your online reputation is well-maintained.


  • The world is on social media:
  • The average Facebook user has 120 friends.
  • 51% of consumers agree that if a brand is not present or not active with social media, it would reflect negatively on the company.
  • 63% state that they have used social media to research a brand.
  • 89% follow at least one brand on social media.
  • Our goal is to create an active social presence for your company in your local area.


  • Sign up for the program by filling out the online Social Media Setup form.
  • Prefer to fill the form out by hand? Just contact: Blake Green, Blake.Green@hrisupport.com, and he will get it to you.

The Details

  • How it works: We maintain your social networks with fresh content several times per week - ranging from photos, videos, cleaning tips, customer reviews and more.
  • Social Media is a long-term marketing strategy - you're phone probably won't start to ring simply because you have a new facebook page. The goal is top of mind awareness. The next time one of your potential customers needs their carpet cleaned or floor refinished, they will probably turn to Google to find a company, but they will likely turn to social media to research that company before making a purchase decision.

Give It A Go

Let's get started. Those customers you're looking for, are also looking for information about you - on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest we can help you connect with them via active Social Media management.

Please call Blake Green with any questions regarding the Social Media service:

Phone: 435-890-1087


SEO Pricing

Get found on the Internet more often when prospects search Google, Yahoo or Bing for key search terms related to your business.

$150 Setup Fee




Basic Google AdWords PPC service targeted to service areas with a total population of 250,000 or fewer.
Setup Fee: $199
$249 / month

Social Media Pricing

Social Media Account Creation. Regular updates and posts to social accounts. We keep your accounts active with localized content that is specific to your franchise. Account Setup & Maintenance: - Facebook - Twitter - Google+
Setup Fee: $100

Microsite Pricing

After purchasing a domain name through HRI, you can purchase a Microsite complete with 11 templates to choose from.
$100 Setup Fee